Invisible Friend

Send an SMS to 045 739 631 66.
Your Invisible Friend will text you right back.

Invisible Friend is a free text message service, allowing you to have a personal but anonymous SMS conversation with someone who will always reply.

All conversations will stay strictly between you and our group of writers who act collectively as your Invisible Friend.

Invisible Friend is available daily from 8am to 2am 16.11.2015–10.1.2016.


What is Invisible Friend?

Invisible Friend is a free text message service for anyone who wants to have an anonymous, personal conversation with someone who will always reply. You simply send a text to the Invisible Friend’s number and a writer on call will text you back. Messages sent outside the operating hours (8am–2am) will be replied to once the service is open again. You lead the conversation, and a dedicated group of seven writers, acting collectively as your Invisible Friend, will give you their full attention.

How does it work?

When you text Invisible Friend, your message reaches our writers through a system that hides your phone number and creates a user ID instead. Your phone number won’t show to the writers or anyone else. One of our writers on call will reply to your message right away and carry on the conversation until their shift ends and they pass it on to the next writer. All the writers have access to the message history and share comments and ideas about how to best serve you.

Is it confidential?

Yes. All the conversations will stay strictly between you and our writers, we will never publish the conversations or use for other purposes. Also your phone number is hidden by the system, so no one at Invisible Friend knows any personal information about you. You are completely anonymous.

Is it really free?

The answers from Invisible Friend are free, but you pay for the messages you send, whatever your operator charges for texting a Finnish mobile number.

Can I text Invisible Friend from a foreign number?

No. Unfortunately Invisible Friend currently only functions with Finnish mobile numbers and we can’t send messages to foreign numbers.

Can I send pictures?

No. Our service offers only SMS as text. If you send pictures or graphic emoticons your Invisible Friend won’t receive them.

Who is behind this?

Invisible Friend is a project by artist Pilvi Takala funded by Helsinki Contemporary in the context of her exhibition in the gallery 26.11–20.12.2015.

Invisible Friend